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Traditional clothes
for everyone

Made from breathable natural cotton, trimmed with delicate embroidery and lace,
these suits are a true combination of comfort and style.

Accentuate your individuality with our clothes

Ii and blouses
decorated with embroidery

A catalogue of ready-made ii and blouses is already waiting for you.
Selected with love and attention to detail

Be special in our blouses !

decorated with embroidered ornaments

These dresses reflect elegance and tradition

Be unique in our dresses!

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Free order over 3000 mdl

Secure Shopping

Free order over 3000 mdl

Many various

Free order over 3000 mdls

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About us

We weave passion into every
embroidered ornament

At Datina, we focus on creating personalized clothing articles and unique accessories, with a special attention to details. Specializing in traditional garments, we use natural materials of the highest quality. Our mission goes beyond the fashion sphere, as we commit to protecting the environment and promoting social progress and equity.

We are a social enterprise dedicated to integrating individuals with special needs and the disadvantaged into active life. Our profits are not just for our personal benefit, but are reinvested to offer new employment opportunities for these categories of people, ensuring them equal chances and a better life.

We invite you to join our journey towards quality fashion, environmental protection, and a more inclusive society, by discovering Datina and contributing to our dream for a better future!

Our services

Individually tailored clothing

We create individually tailored clothing to suit your individual style, combining comfort with traditional aesthetics.

Traditional garment making services

We offer traditional clothing tailoring services, including blouses, dresses, skirts, aprons, and shirts, embroidered with authentic motifs, using natural fabrics and high-quality threads. We fulfill both individual orders and cater to music and dance groups, contributing to the creation of an authentic image. We specialize in crafting garments for...

High quality custom computer embroidery

High quality custom computer embroidery. Embroidered inscriptions, names, logos, emblems, for schools, hotels and institutions of various profiles. You can make your business stand out thanks to customised uniforms with your logo or company name. The embroidery look and colour intensity remains unchanged after multiple washes.


Olga Cucuruzean

Purtăm IE cu mândrIE !
Datina vă mulțumim , le purtăm cu mare drag la fiecare sărbătoare a familie noastre.
Uzoru de pe IE se numeşte ORHEI.

Gimnaziul-grădiniță Neculăieuca

Fondul pentru Tineri ORHEI, ne-ați inspirat respect și încredere!😘 Vă mulțumim pentru susținerea proiectului: "Drag mi-e portul românesc!"🥰 În sfârșit și în instituția noastră spiritul popular prinde aripi! Datina, costumele populare sunt perfecte!

Маркела Гамарт

Tradiții și superstiții în ajun de Sfântul Andrei:
Cea mai cunoscută tradiție de Sfântul Andrei - fetele nemăritate fac vrăji pentru a-și afla ursitul.
Datina, Vă mulțumim mult pentru costume extraordinare!🤝

Eugenia Eugenia

Echipa atelierului Datina 🥰Avem oameni în orasul nostru care e de o placere sa lucrezi🥰multumim pu calitate,punctualitate si frumusete🙏🙏🙏


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